Why Window Shutters Are A Win Win Situation

If you are lucky enough to move into a new home that has already built in window shutters then you will aware of the tremendous advantages that these offer in both beautifying and enhancing your home.

If you are considering still installing shutters in your home then have a look at the points below which will list the benefits that shutters offer.

Exterior shutters

External window shutters are installed on the outside of a home. They usually are available as two kinds: Protective and Decorative.

Advantages of Exterior Shutters

Easily Customized

Shutters are available in many materials and can be customized to fit in with the colour scheme of your house. Vinyl shutters are very popular as they are cheaper and highly durable. They should only be used decoratively but give opportunity for matching with most exterior styles. They can draw the eye to contrasts between shutters and the siding of your home.
They will increase considerably the curb appeal of your home.

Protection from the weather

Shutters are often installed for protection from extreme weather. i.e Hurricanes, storms etc. They are attached to the exterior with hinges so they can be closed over the windows for protection. i.e. Storms, Hurricanes etc.


Keeping exterior shutters closed increases insulation during hot summers or cold winters.


When closed exterior shutters add a level of security against intruders. If the house is unoccupied for any length of time the closing of the external shutters is ideal.

Internal Shutters

Internal shutters are used primarily for privacy and insulation. There are a wide variety of shutter styles on the market but most popular for internal installation are plantation shutters.

Advantages of Interior Shutters


Once shutters are installed internally over windows they offer an additional means of insulation. The louvered type of shutter can be opened or closed to control air flow. Up to fifty percent of heating and cooling is lost through windows in a house. If shutters are installed then the energy bill is normally considerably reduced with less power required for heating or cooling. Shutters also allow less light into a room which further assists with temperature control especially during hot weather.

Shutters offer increased privacy. Certainly, they are more effective than blinds or draperies. Shutters can be installed in a cafe style which allows for light and air to enter on the top half of the window but still keep the lower half louvers to be slightly angled for privacy.

Easy Maintenance

Shutters are easy to clean. They do not have to be removed to be cleaned. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is normally more than sufficient. Plantation shutters with their wide lovers are particularly easy to maintain.

Variety of Styles

Shutters can be installed to suit any window. They can be adapted in size to close off large viewing windows or help to control light in bay windows. They are very adaptable as can be painted and finished in a variety of colours that will blend into your d├ęcor.

Increase Value of your home

Whether you opt for indoor or outdoor shutters the end result will increase the value of your home. Exterior shutters increase curb appeal and interior shutters are considered a fixed asset.

A win win situation is described as something that is good for everyone involved. Installing shutters in your home has so many benefits that not only will your home environment improve but it will increase the value of your home.