Various Ways To Clean Your Chimney

Chimneys are an integral part of our homes. Everybody likes to cuddle in front of a fireplace during a cold winter night. So it is of paramount importance that one should regularly clean the chimney at regular intervals, so as to keep the fireplace up and running all round the year. This activity will not only ensure the smooth operation of the fireplace but will also help in keeping the house devoid of soot. It is best to call in the specialists for the cleaning process but if you are having budget constraints then this can be also done on your own, provided you adhere to some of the security rules and have knowledge on how to properly clean the chimney.

Equipment necessary for cleaning

If you are enthusiastic about cleaning the chimney on your own, then you should possess the necessary equipment:

Hand gloves and goggles
Rope and ladder
Dust mask

How to clean your chimney?

There are many ways in which one can clean the chimney. They are:

Top to Bottom: This is one of the oldest method to clean chimneys. Specialists can climb to the top with the help of a ladder and can dangle a flexible brush with the help of a rope and gradually clean the internal linings. The effectivity of the cleaning can be verified by flashing a flashlight and checking the sides. This is considered one of the best at it doesnt lead to soot deposition on the furniture.

2 Bottom to Top: This process is ideal to the previous one, the only difference being that the cleaning is done from bottom to top. This process tends to create a lot a mess and hence requires a lot of concentration and precision on the part of the cleaner. It is always best to cover the furnitures to avoid soot deposition on them.

3 Weight Method: This process is also done from top to bottom the only addition here is that a weight is attached to the end of the rope along with the brush. The brush is generally moved to and fro to provide an effective cleaning.

4 Dual Line Method: This process requires the presence of two persons at the same time, one cleaning from the top and one from the bottom. This is relatively quicker and the best among all the other techniques.

Nowadays there are many organizations which provide chimney cleaning services at affordable rates. You can always consult them to decide on the best way to clean your chimney.