Tips To Make Use Of When Selecting A Window Air Conditioning System

There is no need for you to suffer through the high heat that comes with summer while you could make use of energy efficient, affordable air conditioner. You can be able to easily find the right air conditioner of your choice. However, before you go ahead to buy a window air conditioner, there are a number of things that you may need to look at so that you are sure that you will be getting good value for your money. Make use of the following tips so as to make sure that you are able to pick the very best.

* Looking at energy efficiency of the window air conditioner
The effectiveness of a rooms air is measured by the energy efficiency ratio also known as EER. The EER can best be described as the ratio regarding the cooling capacity of the power unit which is measured in watts. The higher the EER is, the more efficient and effective the air conditioner is.
When you are buying a new window air conditioning system, one of the most important information that you need to look at is the EER information about the system. You can be able to find this information at the energy guide label for the system. Make sure that you go for a window air conditioner that has at least an EER of 12 and also ensures that it has an energy star label. By having this label, this is a sign that shows that the product you are purchasing has met all the strict energy efficiency guidelines and regulations that have been set out. This is also a way in which the regulatory body can be able to make sure that the interests of the person who is purchasing the product have been protected.

* Picking the right size of a window air conditioning system
The cooling capacity of a window air conditioner highly depends on the size of the room that is going to be cool. Most window air conditioners come with cooling capacities that tend to range from around 5,500BTU per hour to around 14,000 Btu per hour. Most of the time, many people tend to make the mistake of buying an air conditioner that is way too large for the room thinking that it is going to be able to provide better cooling. However, it is important for you to understand that deciding to purchase an oversized air conditioner is going to be less efficient. It is not only going to be costly, but it is also going to end up wasting a lot of energy and time. Since air conditioners tend to remove both humidity and heat, if the unit is too large, then what will happen is that it is going to cool the room but still remove a lot of humidity, You will be left with a damp room that is going to give you a clammy feeling.