Flooring Type Considerations

Here are some things to conider:


Quality laminate flooring has average resale value, and most flooring warranties are transferrable from one owner to the next. Hardwood flooring costs more than most types of flooring. However, hardwood floors like the red oak have marked a lower resale value than the premium laminate.


From the onset, laminate flooring has a wood outlook, and one may think it is real wood. However, even real wood has variations regarding wood grains, and you will, therefore, find it difficult to get two boards having similar patterns. When it comes to laminate, the patterns imprinted on the surface of the laminate may be repetitive on a few boards. Nonetheless, high-quality laminate has minimal or none pattern repetitions.

Hardwood flooring is eye-catching as compared to laminate even the cheapest hardwood- red oak looks far much more appealing than premium laminate.


When it comes to below grade installation, laminate flooring is most suitable. However, this flooring is not guaranteed as the bet for basements. This also goes for hardwood flooring which is not recommended for any below grade installation.


Environment/ Moisture

Laminate flooring has enough the appearance and costs less compared to hardwood flooring. However, it is not the best type of flooring when it comes to humid areas. One should take into consideration that this type of flooring can handle moisture but in very minimal amount. For example minimally accessed bathrooms or kitchen. Laminate flooring should not be used in the laundry room.

A solid hardwood floor can be used in the kitchen; the site finished hardwood which has the sealant filing the gaps prevents moisture from infiltrating and therefore more durable. Despite this, manufacturers still insist that solid and hardwood engineering hardwood floors should be installed in precise humidity and temperature levels. Solid hardwood can be installed in areas of 45-55% levels and engineered hardwood to be installed in 45-65%.

Floating floor

Floating laminating floor is whereby the floor is installed by snapping the different various individual planks together and laying them without glue.

The laminate floor is installed as a floating floor, a process which is only possible with some engineered wood floors. However, the normal hardwood flooring cannot be installed under the floating floor basis.


When it comes to selection both hardwood, and laminate flooring has varied choices. Laminate flooring can assume any design of hardwood, ceramic stone, color, texture, width and even length. Hardwood flooring offers a wide selection of species, color, texture similarly to the laminate flooring and also varied gloss levels as preferred.


Radiant heating

Laminates have radiant heating under them, unlike hardwood flooring which comes with natural insulating properties hence no need for radiant heating.


Hardwood flooring and pets are not compatible but layering the floor with mats might reduce the problem for expensive and harder hardwoods.

Laminate, however, is exceptional for pets; the wear layer allows both dogs and cats to have an easy time with minimal damage to the floor.


The impact of a heavy object falling on a laminate floor with sufficient force, it may be extorted up to the fiber base. But minimal accidents generate moderate impact.

Solid hardwood handles the hardest impact of falls exceptionally well. You can barely make out the dent if any visibly. Good quality woods are not prone to any dents unless purposeful.



Laminate flooring requires no special tools and hence quite easy to do it yourself. All you need to do is snap together the flooring, and your installation is done with- no glue needed.

It may prove difficult for hardwood installation to be done properly without professionals being present. Tools such as floor stapler may be required that has a unique learning curve for specific wood planks.



When it comes to maintenance, laminate flooring requires regular and easy routine care- vacuuming and sweeping will be effective also be keen not to let spill stay unattended to for too long. Solid hardwood flooring requires the same attention as laminate flooring- vacuuming and sweeping will go a long way.

However engineered hardwood floors require some special type of cleaning- mostly advised by the manufacturer, this precaution is to ensure that the finish does not get damaged and the generic outlook is preserved. Using universal cleaners and detergents is not encouraged as it may rip off the floor’s original look- the chemicals may strip the natural gloss or even dull the wood. Lack of precaution of the manufacturer’s instructions may lead to a nullified warranty.



Solid hardwood floors are completely organic. The source of this type of flooring is primarily single pieces of wood. Engineered hardwood is manufactured as a result of multiple layers of different wood and plywood hence it is also organic.

Laminate floor is a product of synthetic flooring. Designed to take up the image of original real wood with its core made up of melamine, resin and fiber board material. The laminate flooring is definitely not organic.  To add on, the glue used during installation may not be deemed as eco-friendly given that a cheaper brand will always be sprue up.  This translate to an emission of harmful chemical substance into the environs.

Nonetheless, there exist eco-friendly laminate floors on the market. Be careful on the brand you choose as different manufacturing companies to have different outlooks when it comes to the ecosystem. Always go for manufacturers who have been validated.


Laminate flooring has a tendency to build up static energy and may let of minimal sparks from now and then. This factor can be easily minimized or rid of by regular cleaning.

Hardwood flooring is affected by humidity and temperature and contracts or expands from time to time but minimally. You may notice as time passes there are gaps in between boards or planks but do not be alarmed.

Hardwood flooring is recommended if you want your house to be on top of the value list and also for comfort. If you are looking for flooring that is simple to install, cheap and easy to maintain laminate flooring should be your incline. Laminate flooring can be installed anywhere given its durability, high resistance, and versatility in styling.

new flooring

Today, technology has expanded the art of laminate flooring and can capture the actual look of wood, concrete and even weathered wood on the laminate boards. Making them seem as lifelike as what the picture encompas.

Flooring should meet your comfort, functionality and budget. Do not be overcommitted to flooring that is not suitable for your environment or will have difficulty in maintenance. Both laminate wood flooring and hardwood flooring are great choices when it comes to homes, given the few factors aligned above you will be able to make a suitable choice for your home.