Checking And Diagnostics During An Air Conditioner Repair Job

You could be looking at ways you can easily run your own air conditioner repair diagnosticsat home and the best way to go about it. If you understand how an air conditioner works and the concept behind it, repairs are very easy and you only have to check the common culprits before you can find a solution. Even if you have the most complex air conditioner, the things that you can look at are the same across all board. As a caution, you should never attempt to run a diagnostic on your air conditioner with the power still on. Before you begin, just to be sure, make sure you have unplugged the air conditioners power plug from the socket.

Before you now delve into the parts of your air conditioner, first check that the power plugs fuse is till at its best condition and that the fuse hasnt shot. You can simply open up the plug and do an inspection. If the fuse has shot, you will find it blackened. Make sure to replace the fuse with the same type. Something else power related that you can check is the fuse that is found in the disconnect block. Most air conditioners come with two and you need to test and see if power is flowing through them. Unlike the power plug, if you find the fuse in the disconnect block has an issue, you need to inspect the parts around it as they could be the reason you arent getting a reading.

You can also check the parts connecting to the air conditioners capacitor just to be sure that power is flowing. An important point to note: when checking for power in the fuse and the capacitor, most likely the power will be on, so make sure that you have protective gear on. If not, you must check using insulated screwdrivers. You might have to replace the capacitor if its the problem or some wiring if you find some of them are chewed out or broken. Before you make any attempts at replacing the old capacitor, you must first make sure that it has been discharged!

You can also replace your contactor by simply removing it and putting a new one. You must make sure to pay close attention so that you replace everything as it was before. Basically, you just need to remove the connectors from the contactor you are replacing and then fix in a new one. Make sure you have tightened them and that the new contactor has been fixed properly. You could also look into replacing the fan motor in case its not working properly. Be careful to avoid the blades and not to dislodge anything when doing the repair.

The above form the basics of looking at your air conditioning unit. After everything has been checked and replaced where necessary, you should check that the filters and the condenser coils are cleaned out as an accumulation of dirt on them makes the air conditioner not work properly.